Dante Negroponte, our drummer, is nearly fully recovered from his motorcycle accident. He has retained one of the finest personal injury attorneys in San Francisco, and will be pounding the skins in no time (he'll also be playing drums, too. Har har.)

Of course, I couldn't let the hot engine of my career idle or cool while Mr. Glasshands went through physical therapy or whatever you do when you break your hands. I did what they taught me to do in Hollywood: I sent him flowers, a fruit basket, and a note that said "Your job is waiting for you".

And then I started auditioning replacement drummers.

My first choice was Jens Hanneman - cat can play everything - but apparently he's already "committed" for 2009. We did have a good jam session, though. Jens totally dominated. Amazing stuff. Jens made a DVD a few years back, which was how I heard of him:

This young lady was my second choice:

She was quiet and polite (I don't think she said a word during the audition - her "uncle"/manager did all the talking). Can play to a click no problem. Moved her own gear, which was refreshing. Also apparently available for cheap.

3rd choice was a guy named "Gregg". He tried out for Luxxury a few years ago and blew us all away. Apparently he's now fronting a band called "G.R.E.G.G.", which is going to blow everyone away real soon.

Anyhow, Dante's on the mend, so I guess this was all for naught.

Drummer in Motorcycle Accident

Fans, I am very sad to tell you all that Dante Negroponte, drummer for Sid Luscious and The Pants, was in a serious motorcycle accident Tuesday night.

He broke several bones in his left hand and also broke his right wrist. He is scheduled for wrist surgery tomorrow.

We are grateful that aside from these broken bones, he only suffered bruises and cuts (a fat lip and a badly banged up foot) and is otherwise healthy.

The doctors have indicated they expect him to make a full recovery and retain full use of his hands.

Our thoughts are with him and his family.