PANTEMONIUM! available now!

Today’s the day, people. After more than 10 years of work, catastrophe, blood, sweat, tears, and other substances, “Pantemonium!” is available everywhere. Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services if that’s how you roll. Or you can buy downloads at Bandcamp.

We are quite proud of this long-overdue release. It includes many of the songs you’ve heard us play for the last 10 years, plus a few you’ve never heard before. Guest appearances by Darow Han, jh0st, and Pants old and new.

The amazing photography was done by Lauren Tabak. The striking album design is by Iran Narges.

New Record SOOOON!

SRSLY BBYS. Pantemonium! soon.

The album is done. Audio is mastered (thank you, Xopher!) and in the can. Album art is underway. It's looking so good. WE are looking so good.

I cannot wait. Enough time has passed that when I listen to the record, I do not hear all the mistakes and seams and compromises.Well, I do, but it's not the only thing I hear.

I hear 12 years, longer than the actual 80s. I hear then, and I hear now. I hear the past and present and future. I hear US.

So while I wait for the Wheels of Industry to slowly turn, I am keeping myself busy. Training. Maintenance. Writing new songs for the next record. If there is a next record. Who knows?

The last couple years have been rough on everyone. But as I say in "One Life", the first track on Pantemonium!...

"You're alive tonight
and we're alive tonight
You've got one life
Play it well

Remember who you were
Don't forget who you are

...take this chance
It may be the last you have"

Photo by Lauren Tabak

Photo by Lauren Tabak