Bassist Audition Tape [Updated]

Man, y'all do NOT understand the trouble involved with being a (former) rock star. I'm still dealing with line-up changes and people either leaving for other projects or, more likely, a bunch of wannabes trying to hop on my shiny silver coattails for a quick ride to the B-List.

Case in point: Somehow word got out that I might be looking for a new bass player. Don't ask me how. The end result? My inbox is now full of videos like this:

In the old days, I'd just get a cassette with a headshot or a polaroid, and the odd bit of glitter, weed, or broken glass (for "cred"). Now I gotta look at this while I'm trying to wake up?

I should have been an investment banker!

UPDATE: My friend Adam Tober (who is fluent in Japanese) just told me the title of this song translates as "Drink Milk! Do Not Drink Milk!" and at the end is some sort of disclaimer about drinking milk. Go figure.