Sid Luscious plays Great American Music Hall for Silicon Valley Rocks Charity

You know, for kids!

First: Go buy tickets. If you tell 'em you're our friend, you get $5 off  by clicking here:

But that shouldn't matter, because it's for a good cause: music education.

Second, Silicon Valley Rocks is a benefit for Music in Schools Today:

They only ask special people to play. Like everything else in the music business, it's all about who you know. Of course, they have a bunch of tech folks playing in these bands. Then they realized that hey, you know, you might want some "experts" on the bill.

So our agent gets the call, and we're showing up as ringers for this one. Looking forward to it.

We'll also be sporting a new drummer for this gig. Dante's taking a little break, and in his place is the extremely capable Captain Leasure. 

We'll be throwing down a short-but-sweet set as a way of saying thanks, and we'll be back with a new album and more shows in 2011.

PS new songs posted soon.