Sid Luscious Interviewed by Silicon Valley Rocks

As part of the run-up to our big show at Great American Music Hall, we've been interviewed by Silicon Valley Rocks!

These modern interviews are much easier than the old-fashioned kind. Back in the 20th century, the press actually sent someone to you - a reporter, and often a photographer. These folks would follow you around for some period of time - sometimes it was just a lunch, but sometimes it was a week or more of being shadowed. Of course eventually you forget you've got someone taking notes about everything you're doing and you slip up. You're human. Next thing you know, your manager is figuring out a way to bribe the press team to keep them quiet about your Doritos "problem" or arranging for a "mugging" where their equipment can be stolen.

Now, you get questions e-mailed ahead of time. You send back draft answers and you knock 'em back and forth until everyone is happy. Maybe less "exciting" for the readers, but here in the music business, we value certainty!