Free MP3s available!

You may have noticed the site's template has changed - PantCo has requested we put AdWords on the site, which required we upgrade some things which blew up our template. We'll be cleaning this up over the next few days.

Also, look over there to the left - as part of our ongoing attempts to prevent ourselves from earning any money, we've added some links to free MP3s and have included the new Yahoo Media Player to let you play them all right here. You can also download them and keep them forever.

First up, two new songs and one old one:
"Drives" - Been working on this one for a while. This isn't mastered but is probably the final mix.
"Older Woman" - Maybe six months old, written after listening to a lot of soul music and some pre-insanity Michael Jackson.

Finally, digging through the old tape library we came across the rare, much-bootlegged 12 inch "night version" of "Lifestyle Magazine Lifestyle".

Oh, and "Life, Style" can now be purchased as MP3s through the Rhapsody PC client!