Freedom and Expression

Look, I don't "do" politics. I ain't the brightest tool in the deck, for one thing. Also, my manager tells me it ain't good for business.

But still. Gotta few things I gotta say.

If you haven't done your homework, you really shouldn't be voting. Just don't. Don't grab someone else's guide, or blindly vote a party ticket.

Except for one thing: Vote for Hillary. If you vote for the other guy, you're saying you don't believe in a bunch of core American things. I don't have time to go into it.

More important: Beware of any political party that wants to restrict what you can say and what words you can use, what you can do in your bedroom, how you can rock, how you can pray (or not pray), what kinds of thoughts are acceptable.

You should be free to say and do what you want. That doesn't absolve you from social responsibility and consequence (if you're an asshole, don't be surprised if people point and say "that person is an asshole!"). But the choice should be yours.

The right is pretty bad about this, particularly the wing that wants to prohibit all the good stuff in the bedroom.

But I'm old enough to remember when Al Gore's wife (and the rest of left) was crusading against music, and the fantastic supergroup coalition of Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, and John F'ing DENVER convened to fight 'em. (They...and we...lost, but what a fight it was).

There's always some group wanting to clamp down on what you're allowed to say, what's OK to say, and what's cool. Stay vigiliant, stay loud, stay free.

Stay maximum new wave.

But seriously, go vote. For Hillary.