Histrionic Flummery

...or, as most people call it, "show business".

Someone forwarded this to me. yEAH, big surprise. If you put on a show, people like it better than if you just stand there.

If you wanna be all "serious" about your "art", you better be really really good. Like, The Cars good:

They didn't have to move to be awesome. But there's still some guitar face, and their songs are so good they can't help but get into them a bit.

But you know what, it wouldn't have hurt them to throw some rock jumps in.

I'm not saying you need coordinated dance moves like Prince makes his people do (and by the way, he is ruthless about that - he expects you to nail your parts, play with heart and soul, follow his every move, AND you have to dance...)...but come on. People come to see a show. You better put one on.