Bieber Deafens and other Publicity Stunts

While I was training with my personal guru this morning, I saw on the news that some "fan" is "suing" Justin Bieber because they were deafened by the screams of fans at his concert.

This came a few days after news reports of Justin Bieber speeding and being pulled over by police because he was being pursued, Princess-Di-style, by a bunch of paparazzi.

PS...did you know Justin Bieber has a new album out?

None of this is coincidence. Publicity stunts have existed forever.

Socrates faking his death (we all know what dying does for your sales and cred!).

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Charles Manson.

Too Much Joy getting arrested for covering 2LiveCrew.

U2 spray-painting a fountain.

I am pretty sure the person who painted those horses in Lascaux complained about how everyone was crowding his cave.

I could go on, but you get the point. Suffice it to say we've, well, *I* have tried just about everything short of   random acts of violence to get noticed.

Actually, I tried that once, too. But the headline "YOUTH SENSELESSLY PUMMELS SINGER CHRIS ISAAK" didn't play that well, and it cost me a ton of money to make all that go away.

PS Chris Isaak used to be a boxer and he kicked my ass nine ways to Sunday. Then he bought me a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. Nice guy. A++ would do busines with again.