Pantemonium continues: Love Makes You Real

This week's track-in-progress is "Love Makes You Real".

Close-to-final mix here.

I really like this one. Not just because the chicks go nuts for it, either. Makes me feel sorta lump-in-the-throat when I sing it sometimes. Lots hidden away in such a tiny little song.

I was made a hollow man
My head all stuffed with fluff

I thought that was enough

Gears and machinery and fear
inside of me
I thought that's all there was to be
I never felt a thing
I never had to sing
I never laughed or cried
I never wondered why

I wonder where you are now
You showed me how to laugh
to cry to feel alive
You showed me
Love makes you real

Have you ever felt like you forgot something important
but you can't remember what?
Have you ever had a broken heart?
The kind where it cuts so deep you don't want it to stop?

Sometimes it hurts

It feels like you might burst
But once you're real, you can't go back
Once you're real, it lasts

I want you
I need you now

You showed me how to laugh
to cry
to feel alive
Love makes you real
(C) 2005 Erich Zahn Music (ASCAP)