Live From Daryl's House

Make no mistake - Hall & Oates were tha bizness.

As a kid, I could not get their songs out of my head even though I knew they weren't "cool".

One of the (few) benefits of being an old new wave musician is not having to worry about being cool.

Daryl Hall now has his own webcast, which I believe makes him more cool, hip, and au courant than yours truly. It's called Live From Daryl's House and it is amazing.

Musicians come over to Daryl's house, hang out, drink wine, play some songs, chat. It's more or less what I wish I was doing with all of my friends all of the time. You can tell everyone is having a blast, and the performances are fantastic. And it's not super-slick.

This episode's guest is Chromeo, who I've been digging since their first record came out back in 2005. Someone get Daryl Hall on basic cable!

Some tracks in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:
Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
This is, for me, the quintessential Hall & Oates track. Synths, a drum machine that actually grooves, and a cool vibe. I can hear the launching point for hundreds of other pop hits in here, including Timex Social Club's Rumors.

Hall & Oates - Maneater
Another genius track which features a great sax + delay solo - a great example of how technology can enhance a musical idea.

Hall & Oates - Method of Modern Love
While "Big Bam Boom" is mostly considered to be the last (and least) of the Golden Age albums of H&O, I include this song here to show how they kept up with pop production and also note their extremely solid songwriting chops. Anyone who can spell out a phrase that long and make it a hook is a true master. "M-E-T-H-O-D O-F L-O-V-E", indeed!

Chromeo - 100%
The closing track on Chromeo's latest album, "Fancy Footwork", this song proves these guys aren't kidding around and can write a track that is both groovy and touching.

Chromeo - Needy Girl
This was the song that hooked me into Chromeo as well as inviting comparisons to Hall & Oates in the first place.