New Year's Resolution: More Maximum New Wave!

Fans! We have soooo totally not forgotten you! After our amazing warehouse party last year...let's just say we had to sleep in for the next few days. We also got new Pants - easy on the ears and eyes.

We're pale, caffeinated, a little buzzed, and ready to bring the Maximum New Wave in 2008!

Here's the deal: We've almost got our new album "Pantemonium" finished. Good things take time.

We're going to play this year, but not a whole lot - 6-8 shows tops. But those shows will be really good, worth your while, and at interesting and surprising venues. That's just how we roll.

Stay tuned, thanks for listening, and bring your friends to dance.

We're on the MySpace and we want to be your friend so bad it's sort of creepy and uncomfortable.. Also add us to your RSS feed reader or bookmarks. We'll have MP3s and stuff up soon.