El Rincon Rocked!

Last night at the El Rincon was fantastic! It's hard to pick just one top moment, but the highlights include:
  • 5 bands, including an all-too-brief set by my new favorite SF band The HiWatters - they put the "SF" in "surf".
  • The look on the faces of the 25 or so folks who came for some sort of dinner party only to find the added "bonus" of a free rock show
  • T What's disappearing acoustic guitar
  • Some dude showing off his iPhone. Of course.
  • All the cute girls who showed up - some were even there to see us play!
  • Tyler and Wendy!
Thanks again to Psychokitty for hosting. Special thanks to "Foxx" Trott for covering guitar at this show. We'll get some photos up shortly.

Watch this space for our next big gig!