El Rio = Great Show!

Oh man, what a great show! The Pants really tore it up.

Despite getting off to a late start due to a sluggish opening band, The Pants took the stage with authority and once again proved why it was worth waiting 20 years. Special thanks to Foxx Trott for nailing the keyboard parts.

Also a shout-out to Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society - they danced for our entire set (which is strongly encouraged) and then followed up with a marathon set of their own. Well played, people!

I'd also like to thank all the hardcore fans for showing up (Captain Leasure even put in an appearance!) I'd list you all here, but the whole "stalker" thing can be a problem. Feel free to let me know if you want a more personalized shout-out. Seeing you all at every show makes lifting all that gear in the cold at 2 am more tolerable.

Finally, thank you to Sean and the Dolores Park Movie Night crew for hosting the event. See you guys in the park!