Aw Man!

Here is a short list of what's happened this year:

  • Had an awesome gig scheduled at The Rickshaw. Cancelled.

  • Made a bunch of phone calls to local booking agents. Not called back. RUDE!

  • Wrote a new song called "Girlfriend Does". It's awesome.

  • Wrote a new song called "Automatic". It's like The Cars playing "Cars" by Gary Numan. In other words, it is awesome.

  • Wrote a new song called "Love Makes You Real". This one is going to get us back on television. Mark my words. Also the chicks will dig it.

  • Wrote a new song called "Drives". It's about what makes us go.

  • Our website got shut down because my drunk accountant didn't pay the bills. Apparently the Internet is a big cash scam. It sort of works like this:

    You pay money to get a web site.
    Your web site gets turned off because your drunk accountant forgets to pay the bill.
    You try to pay money again, but you can't because your account is now cancelled.
    You try to explain that it's your site, but they keep trying to contact the cancelled account.
    They tell you to bid on your own name's website. You get to pay for this privilege.
    You wait. If no one else pays more money, you can have your name back.
    Then you pay more money.
    Rinse. Repeat.

  • At this point, I am contemplating showing up at's HQ with one of those cartoon pillowcase sacks with a big "$" on the side, stuffed with the cash I got for writing a hit for Terri Nunn's scrapped solo album, and trying to broker some sort of deal.

  • Tried to buy some gear from Guitar Center. They do not like to actually sell things there, making the process as difficult as possible. On the other hand, if you are 15 years old and dress like a skeleton/zombie, yes, they will take down that Gibson Les Paul with the Voodoo finish and let you plug it into that $2000 amp, because yeah, you probably DO have the cash on you to pay for it, and besides, it's GUITARMAGEDDON!!!

Bah. I'm going back to my Japanese connection who has a line on Mosrites and vintage Japanese synths.

T What? showed up at rehearsal with a new Telecaster. Not sure where he got it. Afraid to ask.

Anyhow, big things in the works. Video shoot this coming weekend, and another gig set up after that.

We'll keep you posted. Also let you know when our website is back. And if you know of anyone who wants to make it not terrible looking, let us know!