A typical rehearsal

Just finished a typical rehearsal with The Pants. Some choice moments:
  • The intense sound vibrations from our maximum new wave caused a beverage to upend itself into Nemo's bass rig. This was an emergency.
  • The mighty low-end issuing from Max Rhino's synthesizer overheated the coils of our PA speakers, filling the room with the lovely smell of burning wires. Not an emergency, no flames visible.
  • T What? spent a majority of the rehearsal perched on his guitar amp, preparing for a giant "rock jump".
  • Practice actually started about 30 minutes after we had planned on starting
  • Discussion of possible Berlin gig
  • Candy and booze
And of course, we alternated between brilliance and near-chaos, like a limousine fishtailing down an icy road.

I love these guys. It's good to be back.