Luscious-235 "End.Game." collaboration available!

Shortly after I finished all the work for “Pantemonium!”, I started a side project with an old friend, U-235.

Together, we crafted a retro science fiction synthwave masterpiece, called “End.Game.” Recorded from the tail end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, It is a series of hit songs providing details about the lost decade of the 19A0s, a period of time somewhere between 1979 and 1985 that has been expunged from the historical record — and found on our record.

Rob Beschizza described it well in his “Mixtape of the Lost Decade”.

If you like my voice and songwriting, you will enjoy this. It features some stunning artwork designed by John Karborn, with overall sleeve design by Iran Narges. Mastering by Michael Hateley for Lotus Mastering.

It is up on Bandcamp now, and a spectacular limited edition clear vinyl run will be available soon.

End.Game. front cover. Artwork by John Karborn.

End.Game. front cover. Artwork by John Karborn.