by Sid Luscious and The Pants

The smash follow-up to 1984's "Life, Style...", the greatest lost talent of the 80s resurfaces with a new classic, packed with unforgettable, sing-along hits.

The kids of the 80s have grown up, and are now reckoning with age, nostalgia, and more. The album starts with Sid describing a "cardiac incident" and exhorting us to remember that as rough as we may feel, "we're alive tonight".

The album closes with Sid recounting the troubles of being a lifelong musician, and saying he'll "smash this here guitar, and burn the pieces too" before urging the listener "remember to forget about us, remember to forget my name, remember to forget yesterday"

11 songs that speak directly to our life and times. Over a decade in the making, surviving storms, earthquakes, hard drive failures, and more!

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